About Us
thelifechangers Having spent over two decades in testing stress environment and having successfully led men, during his stint in the Army, Colonel Kartha comprehends that limitations and fear are self-imposed terminologies.

In pursuit of understanding what triggers human behavior and why some people achieve more than others, he has passionately followed the teachings of renowned experts in the field of self-discovery, success and performance enhancement.

Having understood the power of coaching and its impact on what we communicate to ourselves and with a view to create the best impact, Kartha has undergone the following certifications:

Marshall Goldsmith Stake Holder Centered Coaching (MGSCC)

Global Leader of the Future (GLOF) Assessment

ICF Approved certifications from Neuro Leadership Institute and Growmore Model of Coaching

Pursuing certification from (Anthony) Robbins Madanes Training

Why Do We Need a Professional Coach? Six reasons why we need a coach:

  1. Dig underneath our current thoughts and feelings; to discard what we are used to believing and help us to find what is most important to us.
  2. Align our goals, our work and what we do with our personal values. A coach could help us to find the real reason for our creation. Finding the answer to “why we were created” unlocks our potential and sets us on the journey to find real happiness.
  3. Overcome setbacks by asking powerful questions and triggering us to take fresh action.
  4. Most of our worries in life revolve around career, money, relationships and health. Each of us deal with these issues in our own ways and there is no one template to any of these which is universal. A coach helps us to find answers to deal with all these issues without giving you any of these in kind because the real answers to what works for us is within ourselves.
  5. Invite us to shelve our comfort zones, create fresh challenges and keep us intellectually stimulated right through an engagement. They also help to create lasting change by changing our thinking and feelings around our actions.
  6. How often have we found it easier to negotiate a fearful situation when we have an ideal mate to negotiate it? A coach helps us to remove the fears that limit us from taking action. A professional coach will make us believe that with every step forward, we are getting farther from our fears and closer towards our destination. It makes it a little easier to undertake this journey when we have a companion whose only agenda is to help us succeed. Pursuing certification from (Anthony) Robbins Madanes Training.

By engaging, without controlling, a Coach helps you to create your own plans – a customized plan that works for exclusively for you. However, the onus to make the plan work is very much on you.

What are People Getting Coached On?

  • Achieving Work life balance
  • Develop patience
  • Set and achieve personal and business GOALS
  • Become an awesome mom/ dad/ son/ daughter/ husband/ wife
  • Stay motivated
  • Stop negative mental chatter
  • Save and invest money
  • To love/ respect self and others unconditionally
  • Time management
  • Become an entrepreneur
  • Design a dream career
  • Execute productive meetings
  • Conflict resolution – at home and work
  • Change self-sabotaging habits
  • Discover and remove mental blocks
  • Become fit/ weight loss goals
  • Stress Management
  • Discover passions and values and live them out
  • Have a deeper sense of purpose and spirituality
  • Deal effectively with difficult people