"I have had real value from my coaching sessions with Kartha. With his help, during the course of the sessions which began with a lack of clarity on "how to", I could envision and chart out clear maps and real paths to follow. I also felt myself accountable to my own commitments and hence found it compelling towards following through on my commitments which helped me in achieving my goals. Kudos!"-Sapna

"As a coachee, what matters to me most is that the coach actively listens, silently gives the strength to continue exploring and share thereby deepening my connect with my core. Kartha does all this beautifully and made me feel completely in control and put me in the drivers seat while finding answers to my questions/ anxieties. His extraordinary penchant for perfection amazes me. His commitment, honesty, forthrightness in bringing out the best in me are unique" -Ms Yogita